Pink Flamingo Treasure, Day 120

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The end to a somewhat grueling school year is finally in sight. My daughter was in most weekends because of the inordinate amount of homework she is assigned - dealing with AP History in and of itself is unbelievable - she has at least 4 hours of homework each night for this subject alone, in addition to the six other classes she carries. Another tough class is physics. Her teacher (the same one for the egg drop photo I took a few months back) gives one sticker a year out to any students who score three 100's in a row on their tests. This sticker is a pink flamingo and my daughter so wanted a pink flamingo sticker - can you believe that???? A stupid sticker....

Anyway, she brought this home today... If only our kids were that easy to please every day! I'd buy stock in pink flamingo stickers!!!

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