Amanda and Todd

Monday, May 18, 2009

Amanda is a great friend of brents from college that I absolutely adore! As soon as I heard that she and Todd were engaged I knew I wanted to use them as subjects. But I had no idea just how AWESOME they would be about the whole idea. Amanda and Todd responded to my request right away with total trust and support! Amanda told me that her and Todd have a special place they call their own on Coronado Island that she would love to take pictures at....and boy oh boy am I excited about this spot. We were a little nervous the day before the shoot as the San Diego air show was going on that weekend and Coronado was overflowing with tourists...but we lucked out and everyone cleared out a couple hours before we got started! Amanda and Todd were so much fun to shoot. Todd, who is also a fantastic photographer (and gave me lots of awesome pointers!) expressed that he was a little uncomfortable in front of the camera...but after a few minutes he warmed right up. Amanda and Todd had such amazing chemistry that my job behind the camera was a walk in the park! :D

These two are so sincere and sweet and it was truely a pleasure capturing a little bit of their amazing story!

Here are a few of my favorites from the day...
My second favorite shot of the day...I love the shadows and reflections

Brent's Favorite shot of the day.... favorite shot of the day.....
I can't take credit for this next one...Brent took this one, but I absoultely LOVE it, so it had to go up

Thank you SOOO much Amanda and Todd for the incredible opportunity to capture a little piece of your story! I am so happy for you two and your amazing new journey together!

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