The Beautiful Moreno Family.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I have a hard time putting into words how much I love this beautiful family. Martha has been a friend of the Guerrero girls for years! Like many of my wonderful family and friends, Martha was instantly a huge support to me in my new quest to follow my dream. She has done everything from e-mailing me other awesome photographers to check out to get some ideas from to helping me create a name and signing her super rad hubby up to helping me create a logo....she has been beyond awesome. Not only has she been behind the scenes with helping me with big ideas...she was also sweet enough to gather up the family and head out to a new location that I had been dying to try. I love her and her insanely Gorgeous family!! Thank you so much Moreno family for being the super awesome, beautiful, fun, creative, silly RADTASTICAL family that you are! I love you guys!

I am in love with this little hidden gem of a spot behind the horse trails in Bonita.
I had a hard time picking between these next two, so i put them both up... I love this picture of Martha, isn's she stunning!?!!

I love these shots of them laughing. We had such a fun shoot with them and little Mason!

Thank you again Martha, Andrew, little Andrew and Christian for being so much fun to work with....families like this honestly make my work behind the camera a slice of heaven!!

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