Annie and Jeremy's FABULOUS e-session

Monday, July 13, 2009

I met Annie and Jeremy through Annie's fabulous sister Diana, whom I have been friends with since high school. When Diana called me and told me that her sister and her Fiance were interested in hiring me to shoot their wedding and engagement session I was THRILLED...but had NO IDEA just what an absolute treat I was in for!! From the moment I met Annie and Jeremy I knew we would have a blast... And let me tell you, we did!! Annie was super easy going. From the second she got out of the car and saw the (what could be seemingly sketchy) path I wanted to take them on...she responded without any hesitation and said "Great! Can I take my shoes off?" I knew then we were in for an awesome, FUN photo shoot!!! Annie and Jeremy's incredible chemistry didn't hurt either! Aside from how incredibly Easy going and fun they both were, They are quite possibly two of the sweetest, most sincere people I have ever met. I am just getting to know Annie and Jeremy, but one thing that you can tell right away is their incredible love and support for each other. I couldn't help but melt a little every time I looked through the lens at these two gazing at each other with complete adoration! I am so thrilled and SO honored to be able to capture their love! Any how...I could go on and on about how fantastic these two are...but better yet...I will just show you some of my favorites from the day
Oh these next ones were so much fun to shoot....Annie mentioned that Jeremy had a hidden talent of jumping high... and we laughed a little thinking it was cute, without realizing just how serious she was...check out how HIGH Jeremy REALLY can jump!!! We were blown away at this little hidden talent of his!!
I love this next one... They were so sweet with each other.
I'm not gonna lie, I definitely have a thing for shadows.
It was hard for me to chose, but this was absolutely my favorite shot of the day!

Thank you Annie and Jeremy for a TOTALLY RAD e-session!!! I can hardly wait till your wedding in August!!!

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