Vacation Glimpses, Day 244 and Day 245

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hurricane Danny never actually came into the Outer Banks coast as predicted, however the power of Danny was certainly felt in the waters and red flags warning that no swimming was allowed ran up and down the beach. I tried to capture the intensity of the waves and realize that I've fallen sort of short on that. There were dangerous riptides and sadly a 12 year old boy was knocked off his surfboard and washed away not far from where I snapped this photo. We saw the coastguard helicopter but at the time didn't realize what was going on.

On a much lighter note my son felt it very necessary to show off to us that he could jump much higher than his sister. This photo was taken at Jockey's Ridge in Nags Head, NC. These are amazingly high natural sand dunes that are constantly shifting. People go there in droves just before dusk in hopes of witnessing and/or photographing the sunset - which is why we were there that evening.

Despite the evil look on my son's face as his big sister is hugging him, he does love her dearly - he just forgets to let her know that on occasion.

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