Lots of Photos This Week

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I took photos this week and then, to cap off the week, hubby and I went away for the weekend and I took some more photos there.

I don't know how that didn't bother his ear!!!

This is the window of a restaurant we ate in called "The Mad Batter" - the breakfast there was absolutely delicious!!!

This is the southern most tip of the New Jersey shore and is known as Cape May Point - this is the wreckage of a concrete ship called "Atlantus" that was built in 1918. It broke free of its moorings and has been resting here since 1926. This part of the beach is also a great place to find Cape May Diamonds.

I am imagining this is Wife goose yelling at Husband goose - who seems about as attentive as a lot of husbands do to our ranting.....

A tired carriage horse awaiting his next fare....

And there will be more!!!!

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