Richey Girls

Friday, January 1, 2010

Ohhh how I love these sisters!!! I have known the Richey girls for about 8 years now....and it's been such a pleasure watching them grow up over the years and seeing the bond of these four fabulous sisters. I also have three sisters and its SO fun seeing what the bond of four girls looks like from an outsiders point of view. ;) Gosh, sisters are RAD!!! :D And these four sisters are STELLAR, STYLISH, HILARIOUS and oh so SWEET to boot! When Shannon e-mailed me about this session I was unbelievably excited...I had secretly been waiting for the day she would call!!! :D Brent and I had a radtastical time at this session!! So, Feast your eyes on just a few of my favorites from the day!!! :D

Thank you SO much ladies, for a RAD afternoon filled with tons of laughs and lots of fun!!!

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