My Tree and Me.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

OK, so I usually NEVER post about myself. As I like to focus on my friends that I have the pleasure of photographing. Its better that way guys, Im not good in front of the camera! However, I thought that just this once I would do a little post about me and my tree. Today is mine and Brent's 8 year anniversary. Seeing that Brent is the BIGGEST inspiration to me and has been my biggest fan since day one. Pushing me to learn new things, go to events and meet people, teach me little tricks on photoshop and with my camera that I sometimes get too frustrated with to teach myself (I know, Im lettin' y'all in on a little secret, that I can AT TIMES be a little impatient ;D) Anyway, I just wanted to dedicate a small post to my best friend and my partner in this great big world. My tree, whom I dig OH SO MUCH! Brent, you are the bees knees. Happy Anniversary.

All of the photos were polarized by Brent for a Christmas present he made me! :D Little did he know I was gonna steal them for my blog.

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