The ADORABLE Morinello Family.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

 Happy Tuesday friends!! HOORAY, we all made it past dreaded Monday! :D That means you deserve     a Tuesday Blog post on an ADORABLE, HILARIOUS, SWEET family of four! :D The Morinello's were SO much fun to shoot! (still laugh every time I say that!) Lets begin with Vinnie. Oh my word this kid could keep me entertained for days! He is so animated and silly and clever! He even had some stellar poses that he wanted to try out! This kid is RADICAL. The end. :D And a kid this rad doesn't get that way without awesome parents. Mike and Amy are so amazing. I have known Amy for a while as she is one of my dearest friends sister. Amy is such a sweet, soft spoken lovable mom. You can't help but just smile in her presence. Mike is a super nice, warm, silly guy that you want to hang out with. This family is one that you just can't help but love. And as for sweet, sweet baby Chloe....well I can't tell you how exciting it is to see this beautiful little baby girl get bigger and bigger. You guys might remember her from a while back when I shot her newborn session. She is BEYOND precious! Anyhow I am rambling (I do that)...So Here are a few shots from the day of the Morinello family. I hope y'all enjoy them.
Here is a rare seen shot of ME! ;) It was taken by Brent of Abbey and I. I love, love, love this girl. She has been an amazing friend for the last 9ish years! (eeek that makes me feel old) We have shared countless laughs, lots of long talks about just about everything, and even shared a few tears together. :D Abbey came along on the shoot to play "dog whisperer" as Mike referred to her. Thank you so much for your help, friend. You are amazing. :)
Thank you Morinello family for allowing me the chance to capture your sweet, super fun little family!

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