My Mini Surprise in the Mail Today

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hi friends! OK, so don't tease me for this somewhat giddy, goofy post (haha well you can---I wouldn't blame ya)...but I am so excited that I had to share with all of you! My first cards arrived today in the mail. Now, I know that this doesn't seem like a big deal, cause anyone...and I mean anyone can make cards with anything written on them...but for me, this is special. This is my first time EVER to have cards made up with the words "Megan Guerrero and Photographer" written on them... and that is BIG to me!! With that being said, I knew I didn't want to get just any old card. While I still don't have a logo made up I didn't know how to make my cards stand out or represent me in some small way.... then, along came Moo...( I found through a friend of mine who gave me another friends card that had used for her own cards...Did ya'll get that??? Anyway...I LOVED this girls RAD cards and had decided my search was over...I had to order through Moo! Are ya'll wondering what makes these cards so fun, unique and rad to me?Well, they are MINI!! (just like, ME) These little, mini cards seemed to be the perfect fit for me to give to people to represent my growing, budding little business. (haha I know, its still in the ground, not yet sprouting....but I know it will sprout soon enough!) So, until my little business decides to grow and I make more of a name for myself...these little minis will be what I will hand out to anyone that wants one, representing ME and my mini business and my mini self! So without further mini moo cards...

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