Poncho + Mina= DAICHI!

Friday, January 15, 2010

The other day I had the pleasure of taking some photos for a friend of mine from work and his sweet little family. Poncho is my favorite go to person at work when it comes to ALL THINGS MOVIE related! Seriously, we have the same love for movies, and classic movies at that. This guy knows what's good! A couple of years ago Poncho and his sweet wife, Mina had an insanely adorable little baby boy...Daichi!! When Poncho asked if I wanted to take some pictures of his sweet, adorable family I was THIRLLED!!! Y'all can see why below!!
Here are my favorites from our afternoon at my favorite place in San Diego. YUP, non other then the Beautiful Balboa Park! I started the Post off with my favorite shot of the day. Daichi was SO cute, but also a little shy to start off with, and kept trying to hide from me by doing this. It wasn't long before he warmed up to me though and was running around, laughing and TALKING up a storm. (Awesome fact about this brilliant little boy, he speaks BOTH Spanish and Japanese!! The kids already smarter then me!)

Thank you so much Poncho, Mina and Daichi for a SUPER fun morning at the park!!

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