My unforgettable Christmas!!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Hi friends! I hope you all had an incredible Holiday!! Christmas this year was one that will go down in the books for me as the most memorable and amazing days of my life!! Brent proposed to me on Christmas morning! He had a lot of help from some sneaky little elves, and it was honestly the most amazing day of my life! I thought I'd take a few moments to share out little engagement story with everyone and a few photos, captured by my sister! So here's how it all went down....
First a little back story. Christmas Eve we spent the evening at my Grandparents house for our annual Christmas program. Brent and my sisters played it cool as a cucumber! I honestly didn't suspect a THING! The night was a blast with our little cousins skit, and my Grandmothers yearly story of Wallace Perling. Everything was Great. At the end of the night Brent headed up to his parents house in Anaheim as planned (so I thought).  And my sister Angie and I headed down to big sister Diana's house the spend Christmas morning with our nieces and nephew. The Christmas plan was that I was going to meet Brent at his parents house for Christmas afternoon and dinner. Still, no hints. Brent called me when he "arrived safely" to his parents house and we said our goodnight.
Christmas morning came earlier then hoped. The munchkins were up and ready to see what Santa brought them at 5:45am. And the morning was going great. After the kids opened all of their gifts from Santa my oldest niece, Amanda told Angie and I that her and her brother and sister had made a scavenger hunt for us to find our gift from them. Angie and I had done this for them last year to open their gift from us, so again, I didn't find anything strange about it at all. Just adorable! So we were off to find our clues one after another. Finally the last clue came and lead us downstairs and to the front door. Now, while all of this was happening, Angie was communicating with Brent and he was getting into position at the front door, as planned. So, back to the last clue. Angie and I rushed down to the front door to see what I thought would be the most adorable handmade gift from our precious nieces and nephew. How wrong I was...I swung open the door laughing and still half sleeping. When I was shocked to see Brent standing their in the fog smiling and waiting for me to come to the door. I immediately began crying, and asking what he was doing in San Diego still, when he was supposed to be in Orange County with his family. Then immediately it hit me and just as I started to formulate a thought, he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. I cried more, as I quickly tried to wrap my brain around what was happening. The only thing I could manage to do amidst my tears was nod my head yes and hug him. While trying to stop from crying. After a moment together of tears and shock I turned around to see my family all smiling, taking pictures, videoing and cheering behind us. THEY WERE ALL IN ON IT!! My nieces were such pros. They helped Brent with the scavenger hunt to make it seem believable coming from them....Amanda wrote the clues out and hid them all over the house the night before communicating with Brent via phone calls and texts while I was with him, believing he was on the phone with co workers and my brother in law.
It was a day I will never forget! After spending the rest of Christmas morning with my family we headed up to Anaheim and celebrated with Brent's family who was waiting to hear how all the details panned out, as they were in on it too! Brent's mom even hid the ring at their house so I wouldn't come across it.

I can't thank our families enough for how incredibly special and memorable they made the entire day for us! With the help all of the little elves, our proposal story was one that we will never forget! We love you all so much! Here are a few shots of the morning taken from Diana. Please excuse how sleepy, and groggy I look in all of these...remember it was 6AM!! I wasn't paying attention to the camera's and video camera following us around...they are always there Christmas morning, we have just learned to deal with Christmas morning pictures and video looking not so great of ourselves....I had no idea I'd be looking at these pictures A LOT more then the usual holiday photos.
Just wanted to throw in  few of our Holiday cheer before I get to the proposal pics.....But without further ado... Here is how the proposal went down... (remember, I warned you...there were LOTS of tears, and its 6AM!!!:D) Starting out with some clues...
My precious ring! This ring is extra special. It was designed by brent exclusively with a jeweler that he was referred to by a friend in Santa Barbara. I guess she was found by Brent's friend at a Santa Barbara Farmers market, which...if you know know I LOVE it!! Farmers markets make me a happy, happy girl. Knowing of my love for pearls and gold, Brent expressed what he was envisioning and sent Laurie photo's of what he was thinking. And from there she drew up some designs for Brent to chose from...and together they came up with this. And I love it. The first photo is on the last clue that lead me to the front door where Brent was waiting for me with this sweet ring.
Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had a fabulous 2010. 2011 is going to be a good one! I can feel it! :)

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