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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Sunday night my friends. Are you guys in love with Sundays like I am? It has always been my very favorite day of the week. It's relaxing. It usually involves LONG coffee mornings on the couch with lots of morning chats. Long dog walks with my sister and our monkeys. Farmers market lunches and stocking up on produce. Maybe a good little run (when I'm being good) making a nice dinner, and then watching a good movie. Or at least that's about how today went. :) And it was perfect.
Brent is watching 127 Hours and I can't hack the blood that I know is coming up... so I decided to blog!! I have a special treat for you guys. The adorable and outrageously sweet Rivas family! I am pretty excited about this session. I don't get to do a lot of family sessions and it was a lot of fun to do this one! Amber is a friend of mine from high school that I have missed her dearly. A part from being absolutely STUNNING...Amber is sweet, so smart and such an incredible mom. I hadn't had the chance to meet Amber's beautiful little family yet and it was such a great morning spent with the Rivas family. Her and her sweet husband Neri have such an adorable little man named Jude! (I mean really, they named their son have to love them already! ;D)  Little Jude melted my heart!! He is SO adorable, and so funny!  I had so much fun catching up with my sweet friend and getting to know her oh so sweet little family! It was hard for me to pick my favorites for the this is going to be a bit of a long post....but you guys will see why! :)
Jude got an angry cookie and he was happy!! :) mmm....I could go for a cookie right about now! 
And then...he dropped his angry cookie...and it was time to say a sad goodbye to the cookie.
Thank you so much Amber and Neri for letting me capture this sweet stage in your families life. I was so honored and so excited to be able to do that! And beautiful, sweet Amber...I am SO glad we were able to get back in touch and catch up!! I can't wait to see you again soon! 

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